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First blogiversary

Wow! A year ago today I clicked go on WordPress and Twitter and created my first blog site and anonymous account.

Thinking back to my first post, I didn’t have the least idea what I was doing (not that I do now). I just started writing as though I was chatting to a friend.

The Round Up

Over the last year, I’ve written a whole bunch of crap, I’ve emptied my frustrations and rejoicing and sadness into my blog. I’ve also written a few things that I’m proud of for their honesty.

One of the biggest drivers for starting this up a year ago, was the impending anniversary of C day, the day when boy3 should have been born. On his far-too-early birthday, I wrote him my first letter.

As well as the random family day to day crap, I’ve written about how cross unfair preconceptions make me. My boys are not going to fulfill all the hard man, tough guy, boys club stereotypes.

I’ve got a bit preachy and self important writing a parenting manifesto.

I’ve written crafty posts and reviews and STEM posts and made gin, jam, marmalade and scones. I’ve grumbled about work, celebrated successes, admitted lack of life balance, and tried to share advice and experience as suddenly everyone else is remote working too. I’ve written about starting to run and then stopping with a sore knee.

I’ve written about other people’s reactions to loss and how their gentleness can be surprising, how those things contribute to recovery after loss.

I’ve written about language and learning, about how we’re coping with lockdown, what I’m missing, what I’m grateful for, and how I feel about returning to some sort of normality.

I’ve written my first little story called Oh What a Noise!

Thank You

Much more important than all my ramblings, is the lovely, kind, supportive mass of folks I’ve come into contact with. So far, no one’s said an unkind word in response to anything I’ve written. More than that I feel like I’ve found a community where honesty is supported and unjudged.

I want to thank everyone who’s read and commented on anything I’ve written. I never really thought anyone would be interested, but if I’m writing anything that resonates in the least I’m really flattered.

So thank you.

What’s Next

I’m thinking about and getting round to switching to a domain without wordpress in the URL. I don’t really want to lose my site or links to it from elsewhere so I need to figure out how to do it.

I’m reluctant to create a Facebook page because that’s where all the negativity comes from.

Otherwise, I just want to keep emptying my head here and making connections with the lovely people out there.

53 thoughts on “First blogiversary”

  1. Congratulations! My first blogiversary is next week. I didn’t realize we had started around the same time. I really enjoy your blog. It’s very human and fun to read.

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  2. Crongratulations! I’ve just completed my 3-year anniversary. I should definately take the time to celebrate! When you get the paid version of wordpress & hosting, you should be able to add a redirect so that any traffic to this address goes directly to your new site. You should also be able to import all the posts from this site into your new one. I suggest looking into some of the hosting companies that have good customer service and help you with migrations without extra fees.

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  3. Happy Blogiversary. I hear what you are saying about Facebook. One of the things I have been so amazed by is the positivity of the blogging community. I think I started at the right time. Congratulations and keep on blogging! I enjoy your posts.

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  4. Happy blogiversary! I am happy to have found your blog and to connect with your posts. Keep doing an awesome job.

    If you can handle Twitter, then you can definitely handle Facebook (in my opinion of course).

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    1. Thank you! You too!

      My personal Facebook is the cause of most of my mummy guilt. I don’t want to start a public page and get loads of meanies causing me stress. I’ve never had anyone unpleasant on Twitter.


      1. Thank you!

        Understandable. I guess “friends” on Facebook (and in real life) can be more mean. Sorry you have to go through that. From your posts I think you are doing a fantastic job. Don’t think otherwise!

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