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So far I’ve been coping pretty well with lockdown. I’m used to being stuck in the house all day and working remotely, himself keeps out of the way and the boys get on pretty well and have mostly been OK doing school work. We’ve adapted to a new normal routine and that’s ok.

However, there are some things I am really missing all of a sudden:

  • BBC Radio 6 Music – I used to have the radio on all day when I wasn’t in meetings. I loved discovering new music and adding things to my running playlist on Amazon. These days I get an hour of radio first thing before breakfast, then the rest of the day I’m either supervising home learning or in meetings or needing to keep an ear out for mucking about kids. I miss Lauren and Mary Ann.
  • Morning cuddles with the boys – when they went to breakfast club, everyone would have a 10 minute hug in our bed when the alarm went off before getting dressed and going to school or work. Now I shoot out of bed with the alarm and straight to my desk to clock the hours while the boys (hopefully) sleep in a bit.
  • Lunchtime walks – one every week or two, my friend whose office is round the corner and I would go for a half hour walk at lunch time. We’d have a lovely gossip and moan and catch up. We’ve bumped into each other with our families a couple of times but haven’t stopped to talk for long. It’s not the same.
  • Running – its not lockdown stopping me run, it’s my bloody knee which still isn’t right. I’m fed up and missing my quiet time.
  • The play ground mums – who would believe it?! I hate the play ground politics and cliques, it’s a nightmare. However, the once a week five minute chats were at least a little check in and interaction with mums with children the same age, especially the mums from large boy’s class. I miss the direct reassurance that he’s fitting in with his classmates and that they’re all doing fairly similar things.

What little things are you missing that you didn’t expect to? Or wouldn’t have noticed immediately?

32 thoughts on “Missing things”

    1. Yeah I’ve not been out nearly as much lately either. I might go for one now on my own as the rest of the family went out while I was in my last meeting. Fresh air and green things are great.


  1. I miss the people I used to hang out with and the freedom that I can go anywhere, anytime, whenever I want, without need for a reason. I miss my gym routine and my weekly hangouts and walking in this park-like place near our home.

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    1. There are parts of our routine I don’t miss! The manic running round after kids activities and endless preparation of packed lunches. But the regular coffees and pop down to the shops for a browse, I miss those just like you. Thanks for reading.

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  2. I miss singing. I normally sing in a church choir and also jam once a week with some other musician friends. Heck, I even miss singing in the car because I am not out driving around as much! Other than that, I really don’t miss much.

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    1. Oh that sounds a lovely thing to do “normally”. My parents are missing their music sessions too. I agree, there are plenty of things I’m not missing, but some little ones like music and quiet time are intangible but significant.

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  3. I hope your knee gets better soon smell. I miss my walks, quite often with Beast in her pram we would walk the school run with the older 2 then pig at Pre school then walk to the local bakery cheese straws for her and sausage or bacon butty and a coffee for me and then a walk to anywhere my legs would take me. More often than not down to the beach. This would be our day until lunchtime pick up at Pre School.

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    1. That sounds lovely. We’re walking to and from school most Fridays to pick up the next week’s work. I also really miss long walks with small boy in the sling, I carried him til he was nearly 4 if we were going really far. So we used to have lovely long cuddly chats with him on my back, talking in my ear and stroking my neck. I pigyy back him now and then just to recapture those days for a moment.


    1. We never went out that much as a couple in the evenings because of needing someone to watch the kids. But lunches in cafes were a highlight of our days out. Nothing’s open here yet apart from McDonald’s drive through and the queues are ridiculous for little reward.

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  4. Aww, your morning cuddles with your kids sound so sweet. I understand why you miss them, and love that you have shared some of the things you miss whilst in lockdown.
    I miss hugging my friends.

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    1. Yeah wanting hugs is one reason we haven’t arranged to meet anyone. I don’t think the kids would remember to keep their distance and it would be a struggle for me too to not get too close. I can’t imagine greeting my friends without exchanging hugs.

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