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Accident prone

I’m sure I’m not the only one whose kids have accident-filled weeks. We experience this from time to time, usually when they’re growing or poorly.

There was a week last summer when small boy bumped heads with an older child a play time when he was at preschool and then, on the same day, ran full pelt into a door frame at home. He had a huge head egg on either side of his forehead, it looked like he was about to sprout horns.

These accident and injury prone times

The last couple of days feel like we’re in one of those injury phases.

We’ve had large boy sit on the sofa and miss, bruising his lower back on the wooden frame.

Small boy walked into some huge nasty nettles on Saturday.

Large boy also has a bad scrape on the side of one knee, no idea how he did that.

While playing in the garden, small boy used his mini-wheelbarrow to shield himself from large boy swinging a space hopper. Inevitably, the space hopper hit the wheelbarrow and the wheelbarrow hit small boy’s head. He got a nice little lump for that.

Large boy, during a wooden sword fight of course, bashed index finger on a shield and seems to have done some proper damage. It went purple straight away so must have been bleeding inside, no swelling though and mobile so not broken.

Small boy stubbed his toe multiple times, so put on one slipper boot to protect it. The other foot apparently not at risk.

Both their shins look like we subscribe to the corporal punishment approach to discipline (we don’t, ever) as they’re more bruise than normal skin.

Conclusion – they’re growing again

As well as all these accidents, there have been innumerable other shrieks and squeals of pain from dropping toy cars on toes, elbows in faces, balls in tummies, and whatever else.

Therefore, I think they’re both having growth spurts. Not so much of a problem for small boy, there are bags of hand me downs. But large boy will end up dressed entirely in whatever larger size I can find in Tesco at this rate. Or else I’ll be splurging on lots of online purchases.

(Confirmation: large boy just ate a big bowl of salmon pasta, a portion of strawberries, two french fancies, a fruit puree pot and a big belvita. Then we closed the kitchen for fear he’d explode.)

Edit: I measured them both. They’ve each grown about 1cm since 1st April.

11 thoughts on “Accident prone”

  1. My younger brother was very accident prone when we were growing up. I had to keep an eye on him constantly, especially when we’d go hiking as a family or when he decided he wanted to be a pro skateboarder. πŸ˜πŸ˜…

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  2. I am so lucky that my son has never been particularly accident prone.

    But I swear him and my step daughters are growing at an alarming rate!

    They are like the Incredible Hulk in their clothes! It’s ridiculous x

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