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The reality of home learning

I came across this post on Facebook. If you’ve thought, however fleetingly, how nice it must be to have our kids in the house all the time, how special it is, how it’s a step back in time to before so many families had two working parents, then please read it. If you’re a parent dealing with home learning right now, also please read it.

The Real Deal of Parenting

Wow! What an amazingly strong parent she is. She’s being pulled in 10 different directions, she’s probably working harder than she ever has (who cares whether that’s in the home or for a formalised “job”). She’s being honest about that and crying out in pain. That is the reality of home learning.

I’m only dealing with two kids, no babies. They’re very close most of the time and really good at occupying themselves together. Nevertheless, I have moments just like hers. When I’m trying to work but large boy needs help with literacy and small boy has decided he can’t wipe him bum anymore, but we need to be quiet because himself is in a call. Sometimes it feels like my brain is being torn apart, trying to focus on so many things all at once. Tempers fray and voices are raised every day.

My company is collecting home working experiences. I haven’t submitted mine because I could so easily show a snapshot, rose-tinted view of one of the good moments – small boy doing phonics at my computer for example. But that would be dishonest. I wouldn’t want my colleagues in the same position as me to think I’m finding home learning and working easy and thus feel bad themselves.

The truth is closer to what is described in this Facebook post. Mayhem, interruptions, trying to do three things at once, kids asking to play on their screens half way through a meeting, remembering at lunchtime I forgot to give them juice and a snack midmorning because I was absorbed with a work task.

Maybe I should write that? But maybe if I did, my management would be horrified and decide I’m not really working my hours.

We’re all finding this so hard, in different ways. We’re all failing at little things. But we’re also hugely successful, doing our best, keeping everybody fed and safe, and being honest about how challenging this is.

The reception teacher, when I picked up next week’s work pack yesterday, asked me how it’s going. I gave her the stock response: “well it’s really hard but we’re doing our best”. It sounds a bit bland and general. But actually, its completely true. It is really hard and we are all doing our best. That’s the reality and we should be proud of it.

How are you finding home learning? Are you working too? I hope you’re doing ok. Sometimes I’m ok, sometimes I’m not. Xx

17 thoughts on “The reality of home learning”

  1. OMG it is so hard! Both my husband and I work from home and have a 1 and 3-year-old. Every day is complete chaos and so hard to get anything done. To make up for it we end up staying up sooooo late. It’s just crazy!

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    1. Oh wow! They’re little still. That’s our one saving grace, that our boys are older and independent enough to amuse themselves, and very good friends most of the time. If life had gone differently I’d have been on maternity leave right now with an almost-1 year old as well. I doubt that would have been easier.


  2. I feel lucky that my kids are old enough to be independent. My younger daughter is in high school and works independently – not that I would be much help with some of her work. I feel for my coworkers with young kids trying to balance it all. I hear the strain in their voices. I hope everyone does the right thing and kids can get back to class in September.

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  3. I’m in college so the situation is very different for me. Your situation does sound hectic and scatterbrained. Hope it becomes easier soon!

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    1. We can but try! 🤣 there will be an end, probably not for quite a while though. Until then, I’m trying to focus on the successes, acknowledge the hard bits and be honest about them. That’s all we can do. Pretending it’s all perfect or getting overwhelmed by how hard it is are both less than healthy I think.

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      1. We’ve got black cloud with bright bits in between. Hoping to get the boys in the garden once they’re dressed.
        Seriously though, I think the schools will stay off til September and that’s the right call. I’d rather put up with this for a free more weeks and have it all done by Xmas than come out prematurely and have three years of the hokey kokey with school and work. That would be so disruptive for the kids and for it to be necessary lots more people would be dying.

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      2. All sadly very true. We just have to sit tight, don’t we! In the bigger picture, we will look back and see that it was the right call. The children won’t even remember. Not really…

        Yes, those black clouds had better make way if you guys are heading for the garden later! Have a pleasant time. An ice cold lemonade (maybe a splash of Pimms for you)!!!

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