Garden camping

Not camping

Is anyone out there not camping in their back garden or living room?

It feels like everyone from our Cubs pack is doing it and I don’t want large boy left out. But also, I don’t want to sleep in the garden. I don’t want the boys sleeping in the garden on their own and I can’t do a days work after sleeping out there with him. Late night, early wake up, and disturbed night wouldn’t bode well for him doing school work the next day either.

We tried camping in his bedroom, but he was so uncomfortable and then hot inside the play tent that we got to 9pm and gave up. We’re all grumpy enough, there’s no need to add exhausted large boy into the mix.

So yeah, we’re not doing that. Maybe in a month when its warmer, we might give the garden a go on a Friday night. Maybe. Maybe not. Perhaps.

Please someone, tell me I’m not alone in being a bah humbug parent about this?!

Also, why should I? Why should he? Why should we be or feel pressured to do what everyone else appears to be doing? Sod that. My new mantra. Sod that.

3 thoughts on “Not camping”

  1. I’m being a total bah humbug parent on some things right now too- you’re not alone on that! I absolutely will not do anything that will make life more challenging right now, especially something that will cost sleep and ensure a miserable grumpy day!

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