bright green tree buds in a blue sky

Blue skies

The thing that has given me the greatest pleasure (apart from helping large boy learn about expanded noun phrases of course) these last few weeks has been the beautiful blue blue skies.

Not just because they’re so rich and intense. Also because they’re simple and uncomplicated, no vapour trails, barely a cloud.

And they bring with them the opportunities of being outdoors, of the kids playing in the garden for hours, of running without a jacket, and of long family walks.

When life is somehow both simpler and more complicated than usual, savouring the tranquil clarity of these pure blue skies is an easy pleasure. They contrast with the million strands we’re trying to keep track of and all the new paths we’re treading.

So that’s something I’m savouring and revelling in the pleasure of. What about you?

11 thoughts on “Blue skies”

  1. Watching the seeds I started indoors grow and looking forward to the weather warming up so I can plant them outdoors in a few weeks.

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