Dordogne view

A moment’s peace

At the end of a third busy day running, and a long one after an rather early run, I find myself with a moment’s peace to savour.

Himself has taken the boys to use up their daily exercise token on a local walk. Work is done for the day, goal achieved. Dinner’s in the slow cooker, tomorrow’s home learning is organised in piles, the washing is down from the line and in a basket by my feet.

So I’m savouring my peaceful moment, sitting in the garden in the late afternoon sun, listening to my territorial Robin sing down his threats for invading his patch.

Ignoring the play tent on its side, leaving the job of boiling the kettle to make rice for tea a little longer, pretending I didn’t forget to change the kids’ beds today.

Savouring some quiet and some head space. Enjoying the calm. Realising how little time I spend not focussed on something, or many things.

Just turning off for 10 minutes before returning to all mundane fun of our family. Thankful for the relative simplicity of our lives.

Try to grab a moment’s peace when you can – in the garden, the shower, in the car before going shopping.

I’ll never be serene or totally laid back. It’s not who I am. But a moment of calm from time to time is refreshing.


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