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Being seen

A little while ago, I wrote about how surprising other peoples ideas about you can be. How confusing they are when they are at odds with how you see yourself.

Today, I had an uplifting moment at the end of a stressful, anxious and rather fraught afternoon. While discussing my arsehole colleague’s totally horrible behaviour to me with my work wife, she gave me her usual sensible and measured advice – stop it, ignore him, let him fail.

Then, she said that I’m not any of the things he says I am or implies that he believes me to be. She said I’m kind hearted and generous. I almost cried again.

It means so much to someone use gentle and soft adjectives to describe me. So often I hear fierce, strong, fearless, and even scary. I don’t see any of those things in myself, so its lovely when someone I value so highly sees my soft side primarily.

She totally made my day! And it was a shitty one so that’s saying something.

Feed uplifted.

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