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Pushing through and building each other up

For all the idyllic posts of successful home learning, there are other things not done and fraught moments.

Today we’ve had a walk in the woods, labelled a human body, done maths and writing. Made birthday cards for himself.

We’ve also shushed the boys while himself was in meetings, had to really encourage small boy to eat lunch, hissed warnings about social distancing, glared in frustration when getting dressed takes 30mins. And the bathrooms are getting grimy and the washing never got hung out on a sunny day – what a waste.

We’ve got through both the good and the mediocre and on other days we’ve got through the bad.

I want to share the successes and the times where we’ve pushed though the difficult moments, the tears and tantrums and incomplete tasks. Not just the brilliant moments where we do something fun and educational and requiring infinite patience and preparation.

We’re all in this together, let’s keep sharing our successes and our tough moments. Let’s praise each other for getting through all of those things.

(I’m in a much better place than my rant earlier in the week, can you tell? See Recommendation overload and Home working: kids vs pets)

4 thoughts on “Pushing through and building each other up”

  1. Sounds like a good day. It is hard and does feel a bit claustrophobic at times. You are doing amazing. I love the human body labelling. I should give that a go with the kids. Hang in there xx

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