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Home working: kids vs pets

Right, so here’s the thing.

I am working from home with kids and husband floating about.

My colleagues are working from home with cats, dogs and other assorted pets hanging around.

I am making every effort to separate work and the kids’ home learning. They know not to interrupt, if I’m with them my IM status is either away or do not disturb.

My pet lover colleagues however are a different matter. Dogs barking, cats mewing, the people talking to their cats and then… today… my boss (seriously my boss!) asking her cat if it had just pooped. And then telling me all about how this cat had stinky poop and the other one not so much.

I get that we’re all going a bit stir crazy, but I’m not letting the kids in the room with me while I’m in a meeting. I’m not talking about their toilet habits or eating routines. Can’t these folks shut their noisy pets out?

I feel so self-conscious and unproductive – largely because out of 8 people in my team I’m the only one with young children, there’s only one other team member with kids full stop, of any age. So everyone’s working from home, many are enthusiastic about their productivity, but I’m the opposite. I’m struggling to do my hours, not focussing and taking a lot more and longer breaks than usual. In reality, I’m probably not doing much less than usual though.

How come I feel guilty and like I’m not pulling my weight, when I’m being as professional as possible and working evenings to squeeze in my hours?

And then have to listen to stories about cat poop?

It doesn’t really feel fair. I feel judged and like I’m constantly expected to apologise for any disruption from my kids – which is very rare. It’s as though everyone’s expectations of me have fallen through the floor.

Well, you know what folks? Don’t assume, don’t pre-judge, and don’t bloody well silently criticize me for parenting and working in parallel.

And don’t talk to me about cat poop!

6 thoughts on “Home working: kids vs pets”

  1. Great sense of humor. Super hard I know. My husband works from hone. I’m constantly trying to keep things quiet and appropriate. I’ve been homeschooling my grandson too. Hard to keep him quiet. We have a little mailbox outside my husband’s office. He may leave little messages for him. Humor is key though.

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    1. I don’t object to pets at all. I loved having pets as a child. It’s their owners treating them like royalty and interrupting meetings with them that gets my goat.


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