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Boundary free mindset

Beware, this is a really random one.

So today large boy and I (ably assisted by small boy with a broom) power washed the patio. I showed large boy how to use the power washer and the attachment, explained that we wanted to get all the dirt off and not leave circles behind.

But apparently, large boy and I have very different ways of looking at this sort of task. I always clean one slab at a time, getting it completely clean before moving on to the next one. Large boy was making big sweeps with the washer, trailing paths of half cleaned circles behind him. He persevered though and left a lovely clean area by the time his patience and arms reached their limit after 40mins.

But this set me wondering (as I spent the next hour and a bit finishing the job, my way) whether that’s a reflection on how large boy and I approach life. Do I break big tasks down into little ones to make them seem more achievable while he is more relaxed and comfortable facing a big project head on?

Does it matter? Nope. His bit of the patio and mine are just as clean in the end.

5 thoughts on “Boundary free mindset”

  1. Indeed we get to learn a lot from kids.
    No person is small or big. Everyone teaches us something or the other in some point of our lives.
    A good read😇
    Keep writing 💚

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