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Recommendation overload

I’m trying to work from home, as is my husband, while also both supporting our sons’ home learning. Honestly, we’re a bit overwhelmed.

There are so many lists of links out there for daily activities to do with the kids: zoo watch, literacy, PE, stories, yoga, museums, all sorts of things and all at set times, often on YouTube. Add to that the encouragement to be chilled and savour this time with our kids. Not to mention the board games, outdoor play, crafting and movie watching. Just to tip us over the brink, there are all the activities sent home from school.

I haven’t tried to figure out if its possible to time table in all the three million things, I doubt it. I know for sure it’s not possible while also trying to work 90% in 4 days.

We’re just trying to maintain the basics. Both kids are doing maths and literacy each day, with some science, art, computing, lego, outside time where possible. Often doubling down on science and computing.

I know its supportive and those resources are fantastic for anyone feeling less than confident about being responsible for their child’s learning for the coming weeks or months. I’m just finding the volume of recommendations too much.

I know I need to either find a way of disconnecting from the impression of expectation when I see these things recommended, or come off social media (at least Facebook) for a while.

Once again the working mummy guilt is strong, all those families enjoying dedicated parent children time – kids choosing to start home school at 7.30am, parents helping make beautiful crafts, teachers with kids writing diaries and getting them marked every day.

Nope our kids don’t get any of that.

Hopefully what they get is an understanding that mum and dad want the best for them, that working helps us to provide that, that we want them to be safe (because we aren’t sending them to school even though we theoretically could as himself is a key worker), that learning is nevertheless important and that we trust them to be sensible enough to be in the house without constant supervision. Sounds like a lot of self-justification. But it is what it is, if it all gets too much I’ll drop a half a day more each week.

In the mean time, we haven’t had a huge row yet, boredom hasn’t been declared, and I haven’t forgotten to put myself on mute before returning to mummy mode when they’ve interrupted a meeting.

We’re all doing the best we can. And that is enough. I just need to remind myself from time to time.

7 thoughts on “Recommendation overload”

  1. Guilt – that one “friend” that moms find hard to shake. I have actually made and adult executive decision to ignore all Whatsapp messages, emails, links and posts that do not come directly from my kids’ teachers (and those are A LOT too). The first 3 days of the lockdown I felt like I was chasing my own tail. The kids now have 3 hours a day of homeschooling (spread out), for one they work on their school books, doing math, for one they do their computerized lessons and tasks, and for one we do reading and writing. The rest is a schedule we made that fits our needs and their interests and it includes a lot of “free” time in which they keep themselves busy. This works for us and them and that’s what is important. The most important thing is to keep your family healthy and in good spirits.

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    1. That’s more or less how our days are planned out. The boys love routine and its reassures them. They like to look at the plan and know what the day holds. We’re doing short bursts, especially for small boy, in between work meetings. I saw a list somewhere with a different YouTube activity every hour, it was just too much to even consider.

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  2. This is a beautiful, honest reminder that not all families operate like Instagram photos. I know this is a challenging time, and social media is currently flooded with . . . well, information overload, so I do hope you filter through it and find what works for you!

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    1. I’m usually not too susceptible to it, just the occasional pang. This last week has been a tornado rather than a merry go round. Lurching from one thing to another and feeling like I’m not doing enough of anything. A pause and step back will hopefully reset me.


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