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Preparation day

Here we are, last day of school for at least four weeks.

We aren’t really prepared. School has sent home some work for large boy and we’ve got various work books to keep him busy. However, there’s nothing for small boy which isn’t a surprise as he’s 4, in reception, and just learning to read.

I’ve made a plan with large boy, based on his normal timetable and my work calendar. Its loaded with lego and screen time in the afternoons as I have lots of meetings with the USA then. Himself will be home too most days, its not clear whether he’s a key worker but his colleagues in China are all back at work needing support.

For science we’re going to do a course on OpenLearn from the OU. Maybe chemistry or maybe rainforests or climate change, something to do with their topic this term, or the body. My colleague in San Diego is sending me a link for some citizen science that I think they’d love. Later today I’m going to put together a list of the resources we’re going to use.

First though, off to the supermarket. My elderly neighbour across the road assures me she doesn’t need anything, so it’s just a weekly shop – bigger than usual as there will be people to feed all day everyday.

Wish me luck!

Progress report

It’s been a very busy day (my Fridays always are but today more so). Got the kids to drop off and then had a chat with one of the mum’s from large boy’s class for a bit. Then I headed home and wrote this post as I waited for my local supermarket’s dedicated time for older shoppers to end. I got 90% of what I needed, came home and unpacked. There’s a ridiculous quantity of treats in this house. We’re all going to pile on the pounds if we don’t take some exercise.

Then I wrote and posted the mother’s day cards (almost forgot) and popped into the discount stores. Got everything I was short of except tissues and paracetamol – but the latest BMJ articles sound like ibuprofen is fine too, so not to worry. Once I’d got home again and hung the washing out (what bliss) I went for a run. I was feeling good and got a bit carried away, slamming a 10km in! Whoop! Fast too. I figured it’ll be tricky getting out there while trying to work and help the kids learn from home. Especially as himself called late morning to say that his role is classed as a key worker so he might need to be in work more than we’d hoped.

So we’re all set. We have resources from school and bits we had anyway, a house full of food, plenty of screens and electronics, and a plan. The plan may not work, but it’s a plan and in this house plans (and back up plans) are reassuring and make us feel safe.

Wish up luck!

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