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World Book Day costumes

Large boy – Hiccup

Large boy said he wants to be Hiccup from How to Train a Dragon from the get go. A quick google gave me some really easy ideas. He has dark green joggers and dragon welly boots to start with. I’ve got a brown gillet he can wear and I’m sure we can find a belt somewhere. A cheap helmet off Amazon and we’re almost there. Just need a long sleeved t shirt and some sort of sword or axe.

I found a stencil template on Pinterest and we’ve done a very good (cheap, £3 tee shirt, already had fabric paint) job of toothless.

In the end we found a fluffy dressing gown in a charity shop, I unstitched the arms to make a sleeveless tunic – much better than my gillet.

Small boy – snapperwack

Small boy’s costume is all down to finding an excuse for him to wear his fleece dinosaur onesie. He decided (eventually) to be a baby snapperwack. This involves copying a page of his brother’s book to prove it’s a book character, wearing a dinosaur onesie with fairy wings painted grey.

All dressed up

Here they are all ready to go. Can’t see large boy’s Toothless t-shirt but they look pretty ace!

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