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You know you’ve got the running bug when…

I started this post with just 6 reasons but its grown over time.

1. You’re laid in bed at night trying to decide what route to run tomorrow.

2. You’re prepared to get up early to do some work before the kids are up so that you can justify a longer run at the start of the working day.

3. One raindrop on the weather forecast doesn’t put you off.

4. You get a cramp in the sole of your foot but just keep running.

5. You find yourself manipulating a weekend afternoon trip to sports stores to buy more kit under the guise of getting your child new rugby boots. Because you need all the gear.

6. You get more than usually annoyed when you get sick for fear of not running.

7. You get sick, but run anyway and feel better.

8. You book time out of your work calendar to make sure you have time to run.

9. You’re 200m from home at the end of a run and make a diversion so you can keep going a bit longer. Now you almost understand Forest Gump.

10. You become slightly preoccupied with the length of your toenails.

11. You discover reserves of determination and stamina and self control that you never knew you had.

12. You injure yourself and you’re bereft.

13. Seeing other people out running when you can’t pulls on your heart strings.

14. A half-marathon no longer seems ridiculously far.

15. You have all the gear.

16. You join social media runners groups.

17. You start reading books about running and they outnumber novels on your wishlist.

For more about my running journey, have a read of these if you like:

14 thoughts on “You know you’ve got the running bug when…”

      1. I think you have everything covered! For me I get really fidgety when I want to go to the gym or yoga…but also don’t want to go and then go anyway because I know I will be too fidgety and then just regretful 🙂

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