little pigs house with cotton wool smoke
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Making stuff 11: reception crafts, a pig house

That dreaded moment when your reception child comes home with the newsletter that says “homework is to make a 3 little pigs house, it will be tested for strength with a hairdryer’. Not just crafts, but a challenge, a competition.

I HATE crafts. I am not arty or good at engineering things. In hate glitter and mess. But I’m also quite competitive. So on we go!

Luckily with Christmas not far behind us there was an Amazon box still cluttering up the house. A bit of cutting and plenty of masking tape and glue got us to a basic shape quite quickly. Toilet roll for a chimney and it’s looking decent enough

Then came the decorating. First, we tried paint but brown is surprisingly hard to mix and there was a lot going on the floor. Small boy got a bit frustrated, so we decided to use paper for the walls and roof instead. He did a great job painting glue on the house and pushing the paper on before I cut off the excess.

For some reason we have a pig cookie cutter, which I remembered as I stood in B&M pondering buying a huge set of stencils for £4 and thus saved the money. Small boy drew round the inside of the cutter on some pink card to make a pig shape that I cut out and we stuck by the house’s door. For windows we cut squares of white paper and small boy drew crosses on them to stick on the walls.

Once we’d put it all together. We talked about the story a bit and small boy decided he wanted some smoke for the chimney. A straw, lots of glue and cotton pad (why do I have cotton pads?) created the desired effect.

Ta daaa. I still hate crafts. Small boy kind of enjoyed it, but spent most of the time wanting to play with large boy who had a friend to play. But it was enriching and stuff, right?

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