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Learning to run: part 2

Its been a while since my latest running journey began (see Part 1), its not been terribly smooth. I was beset by a horrid cold at the end of October that lingered for weeks. Then it was dark so early I found it hard to get out.

I’m developing a hatred for the treadmill. I’m so slow on it but it feels such hard work. My pace is dreadful but I really struggle to keep going. Then again, it’s cold outside and I’m not properly equipped yet (yesterday’s online purchasing will help there).

Generally my motivation isn’t great and I’m allowing myself to make excuses why I shouldn’t run. However, I got new running shoes for Christmas so I feel obliged to use them too.

Run Every Day?

My dad is doing Run Every Day, RED, January for MIND. I’m tempted to join him but I’m nervous of committing to something I think I’m highly unlikely to achieve. I’m on day 4 and run 4 – which went quite well. Outside is so much better than the treadmill.

Will I really manage to squeeze in a run every single day for the rest of the month? Is it sensible to set myself up for failure?

So I’m going to quietly attempt RED January and if I don’t complete it no one will be any the wiser (except the tiny number of people reading this). If by some miracle I do it, I’ll do a retrospective donation.

Is that a bit crappy? To not admit to trying something to save embarrassment if you fail? But want to celebrate if you succeed? Kind of two faced, but out of self-protection I guess.

To see what happened next, see: part 3 and part 4.

Love from Smell xxx

6 thoughts on “Learning to run: part 2”

  1. When I started running I did it with an app that told me what to do and when to stop, increasing the time for every session. It was every other day and I read since that you always need a day off between runs. I’m not running anymore but I think I should start again, I felt a lot better when I was running regularly.


    1. I’m sort of doing couch to 5 km and adding some other runs in as its January. I’ve heard you shouldn’t run consecutive days too – took a day off today.


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