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Here comes 2020

2019 has been a rollercoaster. So we’re not making big plans for 2020.

Its been a big year, we started off expecting a surprise third baby – buying maternity clothes in the sales and planning a new car big enough for three seats. By the end of January that was all over, disastrous and heartbreaking. The spring sped past in a blur of grief and the constantly spinning routines.

At Easter we had a holiday to Majorca – planned as a last get away before baby and the hotel seemed full of three child families and tiny babies.

Summer brought changes at work for me and a wonderful school report for large boy – the youngest child in the school to read 1 million words. Small boy turned four and had his final days at nursery. We went on an epic trip to France in the huge truck we bought instead of a sensible many-seated car.

Then the autumn came and small boy started school. He’s been in a nativity and started to read. Large boy has continued to impress his teachers, had his 8th birthday party with his best friends.

Christmas has come and gone with family and the New Year is almost here. I’m not making resolutions – I just want 2020 to be less painful than 2019 please. Please.

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