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All together dinner

So we’re at my sister in law’s for Christmas. Their house is gorgeous and I am SO jealous. We’ll be 16 tomorrow – 10 adults and 6 children.

The adults are going to sit together at the dining table and the children at a little table beside us.

Lying in bed in the middle of the night I realised I don’t really like the idea of eating my Christmas dinner at a different table from my kids. I want to sit with them and hear their chatter. We don’t believe in “seen and not heard”. I know it’s not practical and 6 more chairs wouldn’t fit round the table, but I hope I can sit on an end near the boys.

I remember massive family dinners at my grandma’s with everyone round one big table – extended and extra tables tagged on the end. They were loud and messy and silly. Much more fun than a formal dinner with the kids separate.

This is a silly little petty post, best ignored and consigned to the category of “random pointless crap”.

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