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Making stuff 7: teachers’ gifts

Christmas is coming (like Game of Thrones “winter is coming” all ominous and doom-laden).

This means that my carefully laid plans are coming to fruition. Gin has been prepared (Making stuff 3: annual gin, jam and chutney marathon) and bottled (Making stuff 4: gin bottling time) and so the time has come to put together little gift bags for the teachers at the boys’ school.

I invested in some Aldi truffles and small gift bags, together with last year’s cellophane Christmassy bags, so the total outlay is less than £10.

Both boys have more than one teacher and some teaching assistants plus the staff at breakfast and afterschool clubs. All in all there are 12 little packages.

The teachers and TAs each had a little bag of mixed truffles and a small bottle of elderberry gin. The other staff have a bottle of gin. These are the little bottles, at the front.

2019 gin collection
2019 gin collection

The boys have written cards for all the staff, though small boy was pretty fed up after signing his sixth card!

Now just to get it all to school with no breakages!

The most important component of these gifts is our gratitude for the brilliant job that all the school staff do. I moan about communication and typos and when organization doesn’t go so well. But they are all wonderful, they sacrifice their personal time to care for and educate our children and we want them to know how much we appreciate that.

Not just the teachers but the teaching assistants and the office staff and dinner ladies and the caretakers. You’re all amazing.

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