Innocent giggles

Who says you have grow up when you start school? Who says the silly games you played when you were two can’t still be fun when you’re four?

Large boy and I were trying to watch Captain Marvel, but small boy doesn’t quite have the attention yet. He wriggled, went to watch the electronic photo frame, and then came to sit on my knee. Out of the blue, he started playing the poke-beep game with my face.

It served as a reminder of how young he is really, how much he still needs to play simple games, and how we tend to choose games and activities that suit both him and his brother – so they’re a little old for him and a little young for large boy. We take the time to do older-suited stuff with large boy, with just me or himself. But we maybe don’t do it enough to play younger games with small boy.

All those thoughts hit me in an instant. The surprise of small boy playing a baby-type game forcing me to realise how little we take account of his still-babyishness.

Immediate regret and guilt were overridden by giggles as I poked his face back; meep and beep and honk-ing his cheeks and nose and chin. He giggled with pure innocent joy and I laughed along too. Large bou protested at the noise and turned up the TV.

I thought we’d completely said goodbye to those baby days, but maybe we’ll have the occasional glimpse back in time like that. They’ll be less frequent as the boys grow older, but right now that momentary return to innocence is precious.

I’m going to cherish every single one.

Because he’ll be karate kicking the bad guys and reading whole sentences again in 10 minutes.

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