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Effort rewarded

Large boy has been in Beavers for almost two years. Honestly, it’s had a great effect on him.

He’s gained huge self confidence from being involved in activities away from parents and away from school. As a result, he’s more confident with his class mates (especially good after he had some bumps on the road just before joining Beavers).

He’s met so many new friends from other schools, his view of the world has broadened (at least for his town and that’s enough for 6-8 year old). His pack is a mix of boys and girls too.

He’s had some wonderful experiences: eating sushi, lighting a fire, welly walks, an overnight stay, sewing, learning about war, meeting owls and lizards, all sorts.

An award

After almost two years, he’s amassed an arm-full of badges. He’s done a little bit of work for each one and enjoyed them all.

Being fairly oblivious to how these things work, we were surprised and pleased to hear that he’d done so many badges that he’d earnt his Bronze Chief Scout’s award.

Last night himself took large boy to a hall in the next town and he was presented with his certificate to go with the badge.

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