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A bad day

Things that went wrong today:

  • Large boy is in a super grump, everything is wrong. He’s trying some quite sophisticated manipulation (would you prefer me to annoy you or let me use my non-uniform token and be good) and I haven’t dealt with it well.
  • This bloody cold is not improving. I feel like shit.
  • Got generally ignored by school mums this morning.
  • Hair dresser running late so by the time I was done, all my friends had finished Friday coffee and I missed them.
  • Couldn’t find stuff in the super market. Went to a different one for a change and everything was in the wrong illogical place. Why isn’t cream next to milk? Why isn’t all the decaf coffee together?
  • Car door didn’t shut properly. Again. So had to stop in middle of car park to sort it out.
  • Got home, just bought rice spilled all over the floor.
  • Himself has booked his car in for a service. I have to take it and pick it up. This means he expects the kids to be in breakfast and after school clubs on a day I don’t work! No way.
  • Autocorrect seems to have turned itself off on my phone.
  • The tumble drier outlet pipe thingy that is meant to be wedged against the freezer has slipped and sent all the moist air back onto the garage wall, looks a mess and can’t be good.
  • Washing machine jumped about a foot across the floor and off it’s cardboard levelling pad.
  • I’ve changed the bed. This means I have to wrestle with stupid super king just-not-quite-square duvet and it will inevitably go in the cover 90° out.

It’s really not healthy to list all the bad stuff. But maybe later I’ll be able to look back at this and see how minor and insignificant these things are. Right now I’m feeling overwhelmed.

To try to turn the day around, I’ll try a positive list of what went well.

  • Small boy went into school with no upset or tears this morning.
  • Had a visit from the squirrel again today.
  • I have the afternoon to myself.
  • I’ve just reset my phone typing settings and it’s behaving better.
  • I don’t think I forgot anything in my shop.
  • I used smart scan shopping gadget without missing anything for first time ever.
  • Booked large boy’s birthday party.
  • Negotiated himself taking boys to school when I drop his car for service. Then I’ll have to take them with me when I fetch it.

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