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Work Trip: essential packing

I’m off for my “annual” (it’s my second time) trip to attend a worldwide tech writer leaders workshop. It’s not far for me compared to my colleagues travelling from N America, but I dislike travelling alone.

So here are my essentials to pack to make the journey easier and the stay more comfortable.

Travel Folder

Just like for big family holidays, a folder with all my paperwork in one place. Passport, boarding pass, reservations, an envelope for receipts to ease the pain of expenses. I keep mine in my hand luggage so it’s all accessible.

Travel Apps

We have a corporate travel provider so I’ve got their app. I’ve also got CityMapper which I love for public transport in unfamiliar cities.

That’s a point, best check my app for flight times etc. Yep all good.

Chargers and Converters

The last thing to go in my bag will be my phone charger. I’ll take a power brick too just in case I get stuck. Converters when abroad aren’t so essential these days with USB everything but my computer will need power too.

Home Comforts

To help me sleep in unfamiliar places I like to take nice comfy things. First off, my favourite pyjamas and slipper socks and hope the hotel isn’t too hot. Then, my kindle to be sure I can read before bed. I love to take my electric toothbrush, himself takes a normal one but I take the electric and it’s charger. Because decaf seems to be alien in most hotels and herbal tea even more so, I take a little pot with sachets of mint tea and instant decaf. It’s those little things that make being away tolerable.

Running Kit

This is a new entry! This year my case barely closes because I’ve put in trainers, shorts, water bottle, arm pouch thingy. I hope I’ll be dedicated enough to use them!


Whether I’m popping down to my old office for a day or two, to going to more far flung realms I always take treats for whoever I’m visiting.

For my long standing colleagues I make cakes or granola. Flying requires something more robust so I’ve got 3 boxes of Aldi Christmas fudge.

I do my best to keep my colleagues sweet in the hope they forgive me when I’m impatient or forgetful.

5 thoughts on “Work Trip: essential packing”

  1. I always forget my charger. I have to pray I get one to lend during my stay. Sadly, my new Samsung charger is rare.


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