muddy rugby boots

Rugby: first match

So, last spring one of the kids in large boy’s class gave out golden tickets to try rugby. He’d played a few sessions in a very small group at after school sports and enjoyed that. So himself took large boy along. It was chaos apparently, with loads of children coming to have a go. But large boy enjoyed it and went back for another couple of training sessions before the summer break.

Unbeknownst to me, the rugby coaches did a session at school each Wednesday though the summer term so when large boy had the chance to do some (free!) days at their summer camp he jumped at the chance. After that he said he’d do a few more test sessions before deciding whether to commit to play for the under 8s this year.

Two weeks ago he negotiated a deal. Play for the rugby team in exchange for some two playered Wii action with me. He loves to do a deal!

Last week a 38°C temperature kept him at home. So, after kitting up with a base layer and boots to go with the shorts and socks I’d got him, today was his first session since formally joining and a proper match at that. The manager gave him his team shirt and he was so pleased to match everyone else.

They’ve got about 16 under 8s playing and so did the opposition. So they split into two games, playing four matches altogether. Twice against each of the teams from the other club.

Large boy had never played a match before. He shouted for passes but didn’t get many – just from unfamiliarity for the other players I think. But he held his position a fair bit and scored a try – disallowed because he lost his tag in the same moment but he’s so proud of that!

He’s quick on his feet, catches well and seems aware of spaces. Once he’s getting passes I think he’s got the potential to score down the outsides.

He needs to get to know the team better and to stay onside, there’s definitely room for improvement. The thing I loved most was his sportsmanship. He didn’t contest the referee’s decision on his try. After each match he shook hands with everyone.

Next week an away match.

At what age do I make him clean his own boots?

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