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Learning to run: part 1

Not for the first time, I am trying to get fit. Over the years there have been several, all very short-lived, attempts. The most successful was when I worked in the office, didn’t have children yet, and was encouraged by a colleague who was into yoga.

At that time, she got me to 2 yoga classes a week at the gym on the business park where we worked and work hosted a third. So I was doing three sessions a week, all in lunch hours so it didn’t eat into my home life (that is, very valued sofa time).

Everyone assumes I’m fit because I’m slim. I wear size 6-8 clothes and I’m 5’3″. They’re wrong. Really I’m healthy enough, but not fit at all.

Since having kids I’ve tried running and yoga several times. When I was on maternity leave with small boy I want to a brilliant post natal exercise class where the teacher noticed diastasis rectii. My split abs are much better – from 4cm down to less than 1cm – but I’m still really cautious about yoga or Pilates because so many teachers seem to know nothing about it and I don’t know enough to judge what’s sensible.

Running seems pretty accessible, you don’t have to be in as particular place at a particular time and it doesn’t cost every time. I did a park run or two 3 years ago. Under 40mins which is totally respectable. But I didn’t stick at it.

My daily average step count over the last year is 6200, according to fitbit. I work in software. I’m attached to my desk and chair.

Until this summer holiday – yet again I packed my trainers and did a couple of runs. Then when I got home I entered long-awaited flexible working aagreement. Fridays are suddenly free, a whole day to fill as I please (well sort of). So I planned to do a little run with a much fitter friend. We did 2 miles the first week, I made her stop and walk at least 5 times.

The next week I downloaded the BBC Couch 2 5K app. Himself had invested a treadmill a couple of years ago so I turned it on one lunch time and walked or jogged for an hour. Then again.

That Friday my friend couldn’t make it so I did the same run on my own, only stopping once this time. Last Saturday I invested in a sports bra that is small enough for my tiny post-breast feeding boobs and some new trainers.

Four more c25k runs and I didn’t manage to get out yesterday, so this morning I made the boys breakfast and ventured out from home – rather than a couple of laps of the local country park. I did a kilometre and took stock of where I was on my planned route, decided to go a bit further. In the end I made it to 3.6km, stopping only to cross roads. Very pleased with myself to be honest.

I’m going to stick at it this time. Or at least I certainly intend to. How I do as the weather gets colder and wetter remains to be seen.

To see how my progress went, see: part 2, part 3 and part 4.

Love from Smell xxx

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