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Skip a few steps

I’m off to foreign parts (the Watford of Paris to be vague) in a few weeks. Tonight I made himself do large boy’s packed lunch.

There were many questions.

There was discussion about whether it was enough.

His water bottle got left on the side.

And then… “I won’t be doing this while you’re away though will I? I won’t have time.”

I pointed out he’d have the whole evening.

“But it’s so much faff!”

Has he not noticed I’ve been planning and making packed lunches for 3 weeks so far? It’s too much effort for himself, he’ll be skipping making lunches and going straight to PJs and TV dinners.

So apparently large boy will be having school dinners that week then.

How is it too much faff for him but not me? In fact, I’ll have to be organised and pay in advance for the school dinners that week. So I still end up doing the organising.

It’s almost funny. Almost.

I wonder how many pages of instructions I’ll leave this year? Last year he had 2 colour coded lists bluetacked next to the door. I’m tempted to just bugger off and leave him to it.

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