Holiday Reading Round Up

Somewhat delayed round up of what we read this summer during the school holidays.


  • The Bonjour Effect (still on going, slowly)
  • Stig of the Dump
  • Murder on the Levels
  • Revenge on the Levels
  • Penshaw

Large boy:

  • Wimpy Kid, who knows which one
  • Jack Stalwart: the search for sunken treasure
  • The wizards of once
  • The firework maker’s daughter
  • My fox ate my homework
  • The boy who biked the world
  • The 13 storey treehouse
  • The 26 storey treehouse
  • The 39 storey treehouse
  • The Just So Stories
  • The wizards of once: Twice Magic
  • World’s Worst Children 2
  • …..More I’ve forgotten, minecraft manuals, some non fiction.

Small boy (helping sound out some words):

  • Too Hot
  • Tin Can Man
  • Mog in the Fog (helped)
  • Get On

Himself: forgot the bring books, read my phone for news and junk, football manager reports (does that count?).

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