Silverstone grandstand from the top of ferris wheel

Setting an Example

I hate being on high things where you can see through what you’re standing on to the ground or water below. For example, bridges, piers, rope walks, lots of fair rides, those stair cases with holes in the metal steps, the tree top walk at Kew.

So when large boy announced (after initially refusing) he wanted to go the the ferris wheel with himself and small boy I was relieved. Pleased he was doing something he too is usually fearful about, but relieved I could sit and watch.

Oh no! He changed his tune smartish. He would only go on condition I go to. Well what could I do? Having praised his courage and encouraged him to overcome his fear, how hypocritical would it be for me to refuse?

Totally! I’d completely undermine myself. So I got on. Eek! It wasn’t so bad at first, I held on tight and up we went. Then we hit the top and started to come down again, facing out. Wow, white knuckles. But also smiles and encouragement back and forth as large boy and I egged each other on and congratulated ourselves. Whoop!

I managed to get confident enough to take a photo or two.

He even waved his arms in the air. Thus making the car swing and giving me a fear again!

I set the example to show large boy how to face a fear – telling him wasn’t enough. But I also learned that I can face my own fears. This might not seem like a big one but it’s always held me back from trying some new things – and I suppose I’ve denied the boys opportunities too. Not to mention passing my fear on to large boy.

Next time, I’ll try to remember the lesson and be more ready to do something I’d usually shy away from.

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