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Sudden adjustments

As adults we’re normally pretty able to readjust when things change suddenly.

Today at almost the end of the afternoon I heard, out of the blue, that one of our release schedules has probably changed significantly something big changed. (Good thing this is anonymous cos I would likely get in quite a lot of trouble for revealing that otherwise.)

[Edit: strike through above cos apparently it’s not officially official]

I’ve spent the three weeks since I returned from summer holiday planning, setting deadlines, cajoling colleagues, screaming and waving hands while on mute, then scrabbling around dealing with their down-to-the-wire deliveries. All working towards Wednesday this week. Now, it’s moved out. Quite a bit.

I’m not telling my team until it’s definitely officially confirmed.

I’m disappointed all the angst and pressure was sort of for nothing. But tomorrow is another day.

Kids, or at least, my kids don’t appreciate sudden change of plans quite so much. They’re both getting better. When they were really small we found that a 5min warning before bedtime meant they weren’t surprised and avoided tantrums. Whoever advised us to try that deserves an award.

As they get older we don’t need to do that sort of thing so much. But when big plans change, they have three million questions instead. And then himself and I have to remember to be patient, answer their questions to reassure them.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got today. G’night.

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