Back to school: the real deal

So back to school day started at 5am, I was awake for no reason. Then 6am small boy wanders in with a wee wee in his pyjamas. He never does that but last week had a tiny dribble and today a bit more. I’m sure it’s nerves or anticipation so no fuss. I probably should put dry mats on the shopping list though – we’d just stopped using them. Cleaned up, remade bed and sent him to try to sleep a little longer. Not that I can.

At 6.30am I heard large boy go to the toilet – he really is that excited to be going back to school.

Both boys piled into our bed as usual, a bit early. Then breakfast, teeth, dressed and shoes, obligatory photo and we were off.

We got to the playground (after the usual parking mayhem) and y3 were already going in so we said goodbye to large boy. I took small boy round to the reception entrance and we met some other mums and kids we know a little. The gates opened and in we went – hung up his coat, found his drawer and said goodbye.

That point I walked out and my heart squeezed hard. The tears came. I was so surprised. I can’t even tell you what I was crying about. It’s not like he hasn’t been away from me almost ever day for 3.5 years. I know he’ll be fine. I know he’s safe and that he’ll have a wonderful time.

I went out into the playground and had a hug from another y3 mum.

Then a weird thing. A reception mum who’s daughter was at nursery with small boy until last spring blanked me. More than that, turned her face away when I said hello. I don’t know her well but we’ve chatted in the past. She didn’t RSVP to small boy’s party and the last couple of times I’ve seen her she’s been busy and not said hi. But this was proper, calculated ignoring me. So now I’m worrying I’ve said or done something to upset her. No idea what! If it was a one off I (probably) wouldn’t worry – it’s a big day she must have lots on her mind too. But given the previous times she’s ignored me I don’t think I’m imagining things.

I know that small boy’s day in reception finished at 1.15pm and he went over to preschool to finish the day. Then onto after school club. It’s a long first day for him but we don’t have enough holidays to pick him up early. I’m going to make up for it on Friday with an afternoon treat while large boy is still at school for the afternoon.

After a really busy afternoon at work I finally got away just before 5pm. The boys were totally nonplussed by what I thought was lateness. Large boy started talking at 100 miles a minute. He’s had an excellent day by all accounts, loves his new teacher. Small boy said he’d had a good day but couldn’t really tell me what he’d done.

After tea at home we looked through class Facebook group to see who he’d played with – he didn’t know their names. Once himself got home small boy’s verdict was “it was really really very good”.

Large boy has come home with a sticker for waiting nicely and quietly after finishing his work. Small boy has all his clothes and juice bottle.

So all in all a successful day. Only tears from me and two happy boys.

Right then another packed lunch to make then. Gah I hate packed lunches.

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