School bags and coats piled and ready to go

Back to school 2019: before the storm

Tomorrow is back to school day.

Large boy goes into year three and he is raring to go. He’s so excited and impatient, he just wants to get back to learning and his friends and above all, doing maths.

Small boy starts reception. I’m excited for him and I thought I was fine about the letting go, until this morning when suddenly my heart squeezed. It’s a last first.

He on the other hand seems to be less nervous than he was somehow. Not that he’s been particularly worried. We’ve had a couple of “I’m sad and worried” moments but he’s also talking about it without getting upset. I think he’s mostly understood that he won’t be spending the whole day with his brother. He says he’s excited and has chosen stickers to add to his book bag, which juice bottle to take and helped look out his uniform.

Only potential storm on the horizon is small boy seems to have caught the cold large boy was suffering with yesterday and himself on Sunday. Seems its a 24hr thing at least.

The school bags are packed, coats out, shoes polished, PE bags sorted, juice and snacks ready and packed lunch made.

So now we have to be calm and wait for tomorrow to come. We’re ready. We are ready. It will all be fine.

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