FTWM no more

Today is my first day on flexible working. It has started terribly.

First, I slept in the spare bed cos himself was snoring very loudly.

Second, we’re all exhausted after camping.

Third, traffic is worse as schools go back in a couple of days.

Fourth, I didn’t read the holiday club plan properly. They needed wellies and coats. Got to holiday club to find this out. Came home and fetched them.

Fifth, I got half way back and realised I’d forgotten small boy’s coat for a second time. Bugger. Sod it, he’ll have to cope with his jumper. It’s a nice day, he’ll be fine.

Sixth, the traffic back wasn’t great, got to my desk at 8.45am. Thursday is going to be long to squeeze in my 34 hours.

Seventh, as well as work stuff I have another long list of home stuff to do. I really shouldn’t be writing this right now.

Eighth, as well as all that I need to get some bits in Tesco, take the boys to the library to get their summer reading challenge updated and then go to the Stop The Coup protest this evening.

I really hope it’s not like this every day or week!

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