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Tenting part 2

So having bought a bargain second tent several weeks ago (see tenting part 1) we’ve booked tickets and camping for Silverstone WEC next weekend. The boys have never camped and our tent is probably 15 years old and rarely used. So we’re making the best of the good weather this weekend and testing the tent and preparing the boys for proper camping.

We’ve put up the tent, discovering a small rip in one of the pole tunnel bits, with minimal arguments.

the "big" tent up in the garden
The “big” tent up in the garden, not much space left on the lawn

We’ve also found a medium sized collection of glitter after himself’s last use of the tent at Bluedot a few years ago. On which occasion he drank more beer than permitted reasonable decision making and allowed a colleague to stick glitter to his face.

The other bargain sleeping bags (washed) and sleeping mats have been located and they’re having enormous fun running in and out, going to bed and getting up.

sleeping bags in the tent

Whether or when they go to sleep is going to be interesting. There’s a music festival across our town this weekend so we can hear the bands playing in the pubs in the distance.

So we let them stay up later than usual in the hope that they’ll go to sleep quickly. They’re zipped in and snuggled up. What’s going to happen next?

boys zipped into tent

We were either out there or had the boys back in 5 times in the first hour. It’s now 9.15pm and I’m tired and want my bed too. They really need to be asleep soon. Large boy is scared of foxes and cats getting into the tent, small isn’t helping having heard an actual real life tiger apparently. We had proper tears earlier but they’ve had hugs and a story and now a night light. They need to get past the excitement and trepidation because we’ve got tickets booked for next weekend! Camping for two nights and the WEC racing at Silverstone.

10pm check and they’re both finally asleep. So time for us to go to bed too. Leaving the kitchen light on so they can see where they’re going it they wake up. Night!

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