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Making stuff 2: An Attempt at Replicating Holiday Food

One of the yummiest things we ate on holiday this year was pommes de terre Sarladais. They’re amazing. Starch which is a good start. Waxy potatoes slow cooked and melt in the mouth, almost translucent.

I decided to have a try myself. I thought they’d go well with Nigella’s tarragon chicken.

I found a recipe and bought the ingredients. Here was, possibly, my point of failure. I couldn’t bring myself to buy a whole vat of duck fat. I have a repulsion for fat, I cut it off meat and try not to put much in food if I can avoid it. Maybe this is a consequence of my having been vegetarian and then red-meat free for a total of 20 years until I was pregnant with large boy.

Anyway, potatoes in thick slices added to a pan of olive oil and butter, browned for about 10mins.

potatoes, frying long and slow

Then lid on and heat turned down, more oil and butter and some garlic puree and parsley. Slow cook for another 30mins et voila.

pommes de terre Sarladais, Nigella's tarragon chicken and sauteed mushrooms

Slight lack of green veg and something crunchy or a bit sharp would have nicely cut through the cream and richness. Glass of wine require of course because the chicken needed 80ml so I had to open a whole bottle.

The potatoes came out a bit crispy. Really tastey. But not melt in the mouth soft perfection. I’ll definitely try again though.

Potatoes recipe: https://www.atelierdeschefs.fr/fr/recette/13519-pommes-de-terre-sarladaises.php

Nigella’s tarragon chicken: https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/nigella-lawson/tarragon-chicken-recipe-1923007

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