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Holiday 2019 D13

Small boy awoke first again and we all got up at 9am for cereals. Over breakfast we discussed plans for the day.

As we were coming out of Bergerac yesterday we saw lots of “road closed” signs and Googled what it was all about when we got back. Apparently there’s a Tour de Avenir time trial ending in Bergerac today. So we’re planning to find somewhere on the route to watch them go past. Time trials are better than normal races for the spectator because they all come through in groups rather than a woosh and it’s over in 30s flat. The Tour of Britain started a stage from our town a couple of years ago and right as they set off large boy needed husband’s attention and he missed it – he was very grumpy.

This morning is going to be all about proper holiday chilling though. We’ll get up slowly, let the boys run around playing with their friends, read a book.

We also had a little round of mini golf, getting wet of course because it has to rain when we play golf. The boy from the next caravan came too and we had lots of laughs. Small boy and I stopped in at the bar for bread on the way back so we could have an earlier lunch before going to watch the bike race.

After lunch we headed off to find a spot to watch the race, only to discover a chronic case of crossed wires and confusion over days. The race is tomorrow.

Instead, we went to Issigeac and then Eyrat for a wander round their pretty old buildings. Eyrat had a food festival in fill swing. It’s Assumption bank holiday here. While we were in Issigeac I discovered my fitbit screen is cracked. Looks like it’s taken a bash but I don’t remember hitting it on anything. I’m really annoyed because I’ve only had it a year and the last two died after a year each too.

Eyrat manor or chateau

We had ice creams and a sit down, during which small boy managed to fall off a bench and graze his elbow – lots of tears ensued of course.

On our return to the campsite there was a bit of wind so we took small boy to fly the kite he got for his birthday. We managed to get it flying a few times but there wasn’t really enough wind for it to stay aloft for very long.

Back at the caravan our neighbours were back too, the kids went for a wander while I bravely exchanged social media accounts with the mum. Then they played with the bow and arrow – still no injuries!

We had pizza for tea and I went to get a bottle of wine from the on site vignerons as a souvenir. I had a nice long chat with them about the ridiculousness of brexit. When I got back himself finally got the scrabble game he’s been pining for. I hate scrabble. This is large boy’s first game. I have gin. He spelled poo. I hate scrabble.

Small boy had been allowed to bike round the campsite on his own for 15 minutes. How far we’ve come in 10 days since I was worrying about letting them go 50 yards together for 10 minutes. Having said that, he managed to give us an anxious moment when we went to look for him and he was in the toilet block having a poo!

He’s been found now and it’s time for bed. Night night.

To see what else we got up to on our 2019 summer holiday, see Holiday 2019 Round Up.

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