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Holiday 2019 D10

Well himself has managed to convince me he may be actually sick. He’s been hot and cold all night, tossing and turning and elbowing me in the nose. Not sure what today will bring. To make sure stuff got done I did a little 2km run and got breakfast. Large boy way improved his lie in record to 9.30am (I know! I’m in shock).

While waiting for a prognosis, I did an enormous load of washing and hung it out – hoping the grey clouds wouldn’t rain on it. Then we all went to gather provisions, encountering a toad emerging from a crevice in the grass by our car on the way. As usual himself is horrified by the prices: £15 for 2 burgers, 6 sausages and 2 made up chicken kebabs.

When we got back the boys “played badminton” – consisting of large bouncing the shuttlecock and small counting and telling him to start over when he dropped it. Himself played football manager (holiday ritual) and I had a treat coffee made with cream.

Lunch time brought the usual chorus of “eat up” to encourage small boy. After eating though, himself is cold again. He sat in a hoodie while the boys had removed their t shirts. No idea what’s wrong with him. I was torn between sympathy and genuine worry, and the memory of the food poisoning I had last holiday and being dragged out on a walk anyway.

This really isn’t feeling like a holiday to me. It’s non-stop refereeing arguments, asking people to be quiet and not shout, trying to get the kids to eat, planning meals, clothes, sun cream, trying to give them good experiences, get them swimming, riding bikes, being independent, soothing hurties, diagnosing husband’s ailments, choosing large boy’s next book, explaining why they can’t fly the kite in no wind by the car, washing up, listening to husband snore, or swear cos he dropped the tablet on his toe. I just want 5 mins peace and quiet where I don’t have to have one ear open in case the kids need me. I tried to have 10mins by the lake the other day but himself closed his eyes while he was “watching” the boys swim – so I couldn’t really relax.

Now himself is poorly and it’s even worse. He needs to be inside and quiet, so I have to do absolutely all the parenting rather than just most. I’m exhausted and would like a cry really.

I know I’m hormonal probably and that’s making me less tolerant than usual. The boys have made friends with the kids in the next door caravan – brilliant timing as they’re leaving tomorrow. They’ve played badminton (sort of), looked at large boy’s drawings and writing about their made up animals, and investigated a common interest in dinosaurs.

Pool time! Large boy spotted a grass snake on the way, small but first time we’ve seen one outdoors. I’d got braver about letting them in the pool alone and they swam about (with arm bands) while I sat on a sun bed. Watching closely but trying to let them be more independent.

Breaking the cycle of grumpyness (on my part) was definitely a good choice. We had lots of fun at the pool and then the lake. Small boy got tired and cold so wrapped himself up and considered a nap. There’s a boy in here somewhere:

small boy hiding under a towel

Once we got back the boys got naked and put their pants on their heads because why not. I’d cheered up and himself had taken a nap, brought the washing in from a brief shower and was feeling better. So he was mostly forgiven.

After we’d all washed off the swimming pool, I had a decision to make: gin or tea? (Tea) to drink while reading in the sun until BBQ time.

Tea time has passed uneventfully for once. Except that boys have turned into slow ice cream eaters suddenly.

After tea we went for a walk round the little lake, small boy went on his bike and impressed us by standing up on the pedals to go up hill. We checked and no one’s taken my rock yet, both the boys’ ones have disappeared though. Then large boy and I played badminton. He’s got so much better in just a day or two. He can now serve (sometimes) and return (sometimes) so we had a few 5 hit ralleys.

Bedtime now so night night.

To see what else we got up to on our 2019 summer holiday, see Holiday 2019 Round Up.

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