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Holiday 2019 D9

Rain. Lots of rain. Woke us up before 7am. No way am I running in that!

rainy holiday morning

Had to pop down to the bar to fetch patisseries and then needed to change my trousers when I got back. First things first, coffee. Then we need to figure out what to do today with it being Sunday too.

After a substantial period using my phone (he’s got no signal and the campsite Wi-Fi is only for one device) to install trip advisor and research indoors days out, himself has decided we’re going to a paper making museum. We’ll have a drive and a potter and lunch first, possibly a mooch, then aim for the 1.30pm tour. Large boy was wildly enthusiastic about this idea, so we’ll run with it.

There’s no point arriving too soon so we’re chilling for a bit. Small boy has considered practicing his reading and mucked about at it, then emptied his toy bag cos it has ants in. Large boy is designing creatures again. He wants to enter the BBC 500 words completion but refuses to write fiction stories, only fictional facts which don’t count.

I love the variety of beasts he creates: different skills, colours, genders, habits. I hope this shows that he’s aware of the value of diversity in our world. Or is that too deeply analytical of a small detail of his life?

We set off for the paper museum and found it after some deliberate detours. On arrival we discovered that it’s in a tiny town with only a kebab shop for lunch. After driving round in circles, we eventually doubled back to Les Marroniers. It looked like a little cafe from the road but turned out to be a rather nice restaurant with Sunday lunch bookings. We got a table and ordered cuisse de canard for himself, baked cheese for me and chicken for the boys. And wow was that a good meal! Baked cheese with honey, cured ham, lettuce and sauted potatoes. I could eat that every day!

The paper museum at Moulin de la Rouzique was excellent. There was a guided tour that we joined 10mins in, rather than waiting for the next one an hour and 20mins later. It was in French, but I almost kept up and translated the essentials, there was a brochure in English though too. After looking round the mill and hearing about the different techniques and water management, the boys had the chance to make their own paper.

hand made paper, by the boys

We went for a wander round the grounds of the mill, spotted a duck and ducklings, lizards, fish and a beautiful flowering tree.

paper museum at Moulin de la Rouzique

Since I was still distinctly lacking birthday presents the boys got me some lovely earings and I got my mum a couple of handmade books for her birthday coming up too.

beautiful green and gold paper earings

We took the scenic route home, met some newly arrived neighbours and I took small boy for a bike ride. The boys played catch with some neighbouring children until they went to the pool. To avoid demands to follow these other children to the pool, we gave into monopoly requests. I soothed myself with a Pomport.

Ha I won monopoly! Totally unheard of, especially with no cheating.Small boy and I went to fetch chips – he asked for them himself: “je voudrais frites s’il vous plait”. When we got back himself was shivering and feeling very odd and poorly. He ate tea and started to feel better after a shit. Of course Dr Google has diagnosed hyperthyroidism, blood cancer, sepsis and low blood sugar.

While he recuperated with football manager, the boys and I went to hide the last of our rocks. Spotting lizards in the mini golf on the way.

A little campsite wander, admiring a beautiful Citroen DS and it’s bedtime. Night.

To see what else we got up to on our 2019 summer holiday, see Holiday 2019 Round Up.

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