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Holiday 2019 D8

The boys broke the record and slept in til just before 9am. I got up and went for a run. Again! Only 2km in 15mins but did a couple of sprints and it felt good.

Got back and they’re eating breakfast. Well large boy and himself are eating, small is procrastinating as usual. Himself also demanded savlon from the car before I was even back in the van, he’s got a bit of infected eczema but he could have pulled on a t shirt and done it himself.

The boys are playing hypnotising each other. If only we could hypnotise them to eat properly.

For an hour the boys have caused havoc outside the caravan. Losing the football under someone else’s car, shouting too loudly, throwing balls onto the canopy and generally being a bit impatient. Today we’re off to a maize maze and castle with games. We’re going to hide some rocks we painted recently. See crafty rocks. We’ve already found a couple on the campsite to take home to continue the cycle.

5 painted rocks with faces on them
The painted rocks after we’d finished designing them

Or at least we will do that, once himself has stopped playing Mario smash whatsit on large boy’s switch.

We had a great ride on pedal go karts through the maize and beans. We all did two laps of the 3km circuit and large boy was very hot and tired afterwards. I suspect I’m going to be in pain tomorrow.

single sunflower in the a field of sweetcorn
Sunflows in the maize maze

Then on to Chateau Bridoire for their traditional games and labyrinth. An expensive day all in all but worth it for the giggles and amazement on the boys faces.

Lunch was simple cheese sandwiches. Local cheese and amazingly crispy French bread. Small boy was in heaven, while large boy complained it made his teeth hurt. He’s only lost two bottom ones, so it seems likely that the really crunchy crust did make them sore.

The games were spread out all through the castle, amongst suits of armour and prisons. We loved the hook a duck one with lots of coloured blocks to grab and writing with quills.

Ancient desk with feather quill and scrap of paper, with Maman written on it
An attempt at writing with a feather quill

The labyrinth was excellent too, all under trees so shady on a warm day, puzzles and games through the woods, and steep climbs for a bit of a challenge. We took a good hour and a half, spotting fantastic nature too. We saw lizards, butterflies and brilliant dragonflies with black wings.

Three quarters of the way round small boy discovered his finger was bleeding – apparently a paper cut from nowhere. Crisis averted with “stick it in your mouth” first aid strategy.

After that the outdoor chess was free, large boy challenged me which resulted in the inevitable stale mate.

giant chess game, stalemate
Large boy and me have a chess stale mate

Then home for ice creams and chill out til himself makes carbonara for tea. The chill turned into a trip to order patisseries for breakfast and investigate the washing machine situation. Life doesn’t stop just cos we’re not at home.

After tea himself and I had a good tap about at badminton and the boys played on their bikes and the stomp rocket. Almost losing it in a bush but also letting a Dutch boy join in.

And that’s it for today, pink wine and chocs to follow but boys’ bedtime now. Night.

Update: here are the hidden rocks…. They’ve all disappeared now so we’re just waiting to see if their finders post on the Facebook group I tagged on the back.

At Pomport Beach campsite.

collage of 3 pictures of painted rocks hidden in a tree and underwater
Hidden rocks, up a tree and in the lake

At Chateau de Bridoire

painted rocks hidden at behind a slate and at the foot of a tree
More hidden rocks

To see what else we got up to on our 2019 summer holiday, see Holiday 2019 Round Up.

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