Holiday 2019 D5

Today started well. 8.10am and the boys were still in bed. Himself went to the toilet and discovered that they were awake but muttering quietly to each other. It was drizzling this morning so I didn’t go for another run, also cos the boys were hungry and I didn’t want to make them wait half an hour for breakfast.

After pain au chocolat and yogurts, small boy asked to read some of his Biff, Chip and Kipper book. I swear I’m practically a saint. Sitting with a 4yr old sounding out letters and then guessing random words (often starting with the last letter) is trying. On the other hand, when he sounds out T I N and says “tin” the delight is worth it. He managed 2 pages before getting very bored and messing about. His teachers are going to have fun in a few weeks!

Since its a bit wet out, we played bug bingo and beetle drive. Poor himself can never get the 6 he needs to start, he had the same problem with ludo yesterday.It turns out that small boy has learned some sign language are preschool. He’s been showing us lots of signs in the last couple of days and is now making up his own when large boy asks something he doesn’t know. The range that he does know is impressive tho.

When the rain stopped we went to play mini golf. The worst mini golf course ever. Made from a template with concrete units that aren’t fitted together properly, so gaps and jumps where there shouldn’t be. Still himself won as usual and small boy mastered holding the club properly.

concrete block for a hole of mini golf
Mini golf in the rain

Then the boys took the stomp rocket to the playing field by themselves and I wrote some of this.

After a classic French lunch of cheese and bread we went to chateau Chambord. It was amazing!

Absolutely amazing architecture and history, really well preserved. We got suckered in and went to the re-enactment. This too was really good; horses, birds of prey and comedy. The boys didn’t understand a word but laughed at the funny bits. I took to proper camera so no photos for on here unfortunately.

Once back at the campsite, a quick pack throwing clothes into bags to travel down to the Dordogne tomorrow. Then dinner at the campsite restaurant where the kids went to the bouncy castle and himself revealed he’s been reading this. If you’re reading now Mr – get outta here! This is meant to be my uncensored place. So shoo!

Maybe I shouldn’t be grumpy as he’s currently being a Wi-Fi hotspot so I can upload this, having almost run out of data and the campsite free 30min Wi-Fi being totally useless.

As reward I’m drinking a Desperados as a treat. Night!

Bottle and glass of Desperados beer
Yummy Desperados trip down memory lane

To see what else we got up to on our 2019 summer holiday, see Holiday 2019 Round Up.

3 thoughts on “Holiday 2019 D5”

  1. Cute family I love how you use the term small boy and large boy … hilarious I hope you are enjoying your holiday awesome way to document your life. Enjoy the rest of summer


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