Beetle drive

Holiday 2019 D4

The Euro is so strong against the pound that everything feels so expensive. It’s hard to tell whether the patisseries on the campsite are expensive for France or cos of the Euro. So in the supermarket yesterday we had to choose between cheap pains aux chocolats or campsite ones or try the village patisserie. I decided to try the village. It’s only a short walk but I took the opportunity to turn the other way out of the gate and make it into a little run.

I am not a runner and I am not fit. People think I am cos I’m petite but I’m really not. I own shorts and running shoes but generally they come out once a year on holiday. However, I want to get fitter so what better incentive than pastries. It’s a cooler day today so it wasn’t too hot at 8.30am. The loop I chose turned out to be 3km and it took me 25mins including a stop for breakfast purchases. Might do it again tomorrow, depending how sore I am later.

Since the weather forecast wasn’t great, we decided to have a day out in Blois. It’s holiday so we got up slowly and parked up quite easily by the river about 11am. After a wander through town with an emergency toilet stop for small boy, we decided we wanted to go to the Maison de Magic after lunch. We found a really nice little creperie with a good kids menu. Predictably large boy just had a cheese galette, small had cheese and ham, himself something with duck, and I had three cheese yumminess. Small boy is generally good with his food but has been very slow the last few weeks, claiming to be full (cos he’s bored of eating) and then hungry an hour later. So he managed half a ham and cheese galette, then refused a chocolate crepe for pudding! No snacks this afternoon in the hope that he eats a better tea.

When we’d finished lunch we went back to the magic place only to discover it was closed 12.30 – 2pm. This seemed a little odd in high tourist season and we’d only got a parking ticket til 3, so himself went back to put a couple more hours on while the kids and I spent money on junk in Tiger Tiger.

The magic house was actually pretty good, maybe a bit expensive but the boys were entranced by the live theatre based on Leonardo Da Vinci and loved the mirrors, illusions and hallucination hall. By the time we left I’d done 11k steps and only 5k were from my run (I think) so the kids were pretty tired. So back to the campsite for some board games until tea time.

We’ve had ludo, snakes and ladders, and beetle drive.

Orchard Games Beetle Drive
Orchard Games Beetle Drive

The boys have also been round the campsite on their bikes. Small boy is so fast now I need to run to keep up! This is probably a good thing and warding off the aches from this morning’s efforts.

Large boy has finished his 4th book in 10 days of school holidays now. Rolling out more Cressida Cowell.

We’ve finally had a less stressful tea time with small boy. But he is claiming he doesn’t want ice cream for pudding. Strange boy.

That’s it for today. Night!

To see what else we got up to on our 2019 summer holiday, see Holiday 2019 Round Up.

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