Truck loaded and ready to go

Holiday 2019 D1

Up early and getting the last few bits together.

Boys are starting off by elbowing each other in the face in a failed hug and having the audacity to smile at each other.

8.15am and we’re off. Hoping everything’s in the enormous cavern of our truck.

the monsterous truck filled to the brim

Straight out of town and into a road closure. Sat nav and google maps didn’t know about it. Little diversion, hopefully that’s our bad luck for the journey. Off down the M6 average speed cameras give himself a chance to figure out the cruise control.

Making decent time, stopped at Lakeside for lunch and maybe even a little mooch in Primark before getting back on the motorway. Burger King for the kids and me, and Chinese for himself. Last bit of junk food for a couple of weeks, maybe!

Road remained clear and despite the usual idiots we arrived at Dover in plenty of time and got straight on to a waiting ferry, an hour an earlier than planned. This seemed a really good sign until loading started, stopped and the police drove onto the ferry. Himself wondered if they’d found an immigrant – until I pointed out we’re going in the wrong direction. Is brexit that bad already?

After an hour and a half in the ferry we’ve been conned into buying the crappiest Union Jack Rubiks cube ever, lost my phone to 7, and had so many chats from the kids about what to do when we get there/tomorrow/in the week/when we get home that I’m nearing aural saturation.

Nice and easy first stop at a Calais hotel overnight. Within 5 mins in the room the boys have discovered the old fashioned phone. Small chatters away into it until I explain it’s not a toy one and he’ll end up talking to the guy on the front desk. Then large picks it up and says “I love you”. It’s amazing how I can find a time-out spot anywhere. There’s nothing more likely to get large in trouble fast than doing something his brother’s just been told not to do.

Out for tea and we’ve had an extended game of eye spy, another poo, some very cute hugs, and 4 yr old walk straight into a lamppost and now we’re about to let them have ice cream before all attempting to sleep in the same hotel room. This is going to be challenging. So I’ll end today’s post here and report back on how bedtime went tomorrow. Night night.

To see what else we got up to on our 2019 summer holiday, see Holiday 2019 Round Up.

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