painted rocks
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Crafty rocks

Hell I hate crafts with the kids.

Someone bought 4 a rock painting kit for his birthday. Nice book with ideas, some flat stones and paint. They’ve both done a shark and one free style. Large has done the first letter of his name. Small a “snapperwack” (I’ll explain another time, it’s a long and evolving story). The sharks really don’t look like sharks.

I was allowed a rock too, so I followed the instructions for a super hero. Nice and easy just a couple of stripes and a mouth and eyes. I’m not arty so I set my goals at an achievable level.

I let large do it his way. Small I drew outlines for him to colour. Actually small boy’s looks better than large. Just needs some teeth and it’ll look good. The snapperwack (flying crocodile kinda shape) needs a bit of detail. But what a mess!

I always try these things only to be reminded that this is what school and nursery and holiday clubs are for! My kitchen table is all painty, my sink full of brushes and I strongly suspect the paint is water soluble which is great for cleaning but useless of stones we want to hide and see if they get found.

painted rocks

On the upside they’re now playing jenga with himself. It’ll last 5mins before small knocks it all down and there’s shouting.

I’m going to drink tea quick before they holler for muuuuum.

Edit they’ve come out ok in the end. Need to lacquer them when the rain stops as we are not spraying stuff in the house.

dry painted rocks

4 thoughts on “Crafty rocks”

  1. I must admit the kiddy crafts are a bit much for me but my daughter loves working with her hands being this small so I imagine crafts are in my future for a long time. These look like a great time. I think I’m more excited for me to try. Xx

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