Chores and Pocket Money

The kids have just levelled up on their chores assignments.

In our house the boys only get pocket money when they fill a sticker chart. The charts have 31 stars to fill so, depending how much they do each day, it can take one week or a month to earn their pennies. Large boy is 7 1/2 and gets £3. Small boy is just 4 and gets £1.

They have things they can do every day, things they need to work on doing well, things that are new and need encouraging and things that are just plain helpful.

Here’s what large boy has on his list now:

chores list for large boy

The last item is an award at school for good behaviour and special achievement on any day. If he gets a big award in assembly or a head teacher’s award he gets several stickers.

Here’s what small boy can do to earn stickers:

chores list for small boy

When he starts school he’ll get a sticker for a school award too.

This is just how we do things and it works well. Large boy surprised us recently and did a great job saving up for a new computer game.

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