Making thank you cards
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Making stuff 1: teacher thank you cards

I’m not crafty or arty. I hate glitter and slime and play doh.

However, I love teachers and TAs. They are amazing and I like to think that a home made thank you that is the result of effort helps to show how sincerely we appreciate everything they do.

This year we’ve made cards. Last year we wrote poems.

Easy step 1

First we got some coloured paper for the back ground and some heavy paper for the card – just folded in half.

We cut the coloured paper down to A5 size and folded it into quarters so we could make a fat pencil by cutting a point for each quarter.

folded paper ready to make a pencil shape
template for pencil shape

Simple step 2

Then, simple, glue one colour onto the front of the card and stick the pencil shape onto the front at an angle as though it’s writing.

several cards laid out, ready to stick
almost finished cards with pencil decorations

The finished product

Lastly we coloured in and wrote on the pencil and added some “thank you” text.

finished thank you cards
finished thank you card

The boys wanted their names were on some of the pencils. It was large boy who had the idea to make it look like a normal pencil by adding the lines.

Thank you messages

Then large boy and I found a lovely phrase on Pinterest, he’s copied it out for his teachers (ignoring his spelling mistake).

The best teachers are those who show you were to look but don't tell you what to see.

Small boy’s skills were at their limit just writing his name.

All in all its taken us less than an hour to do 7 cards like this altogether. For 2 teachers, 3 TAs, the head and admin ladies (cos they must get forgotten).

In my book that’s a win. Simple, easy, low stress and personal.

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