Parent's manifesto
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Manifesto for parents: things that are ok

It’s ok to not be ok

It’s ok to not be skinny

It’s ok not to wear make up

It’s ok to feed your kids beige freezer food

It’s ok to not make it to every school event

It’s ok to hold your children

It’s ok to work full time

It’s ok to need medication to support you or your kids

It’s ok to argue in front of the kids

It’s ok to drive a mile to school

It’s ok to have one kid

It’s ok to have loads of parent friends

It’s ok to dye your hair

It’s ok want to scream and wail

It’s ok to not do crafts

It’s ok to ignore unsolicited advice, even from loved ones

It’s ok to hate homework more than your kids

It’s ok to love being a parent

It’s ok to kiss them goodnight, every night

It’s ok to be skinny

It’s ok that your kids sleep brilliantly

It’s ok to be ok

It’s ok to reject medical help

It’s ok to baby wear for as long as you like

It’s ok if your kid loves veggies

It’s ok that your child is excelling

It’s ok to take care of your appearance

It’s ok to be a stay at home parent

It’s ok to have loads of kids

It’s ok to love peace and quiet and be grateful for bedtime

It’s ok to love your job

It’s ok to purely follow your instincts

It’s ok to be master of buggies

It’s ok to feel touched out

It’s ok to be creative and messy with your kids

It’s ok to have wrinkles

It’s ok to be affectionate in front of your kids

It’s ok to hate drop off

It’s ok that bed time isn’t a routine

It’s ok if your child finds things hard

It’s ok to rely on family

It’s ok to hate your job but do it anyway

It’s ok to ask for lots of opinions before making a choice

It’s ok to not get enough sleep, ever

It’s ok to have a picky eater

It’s ok to be lonely

It’s ok to find being a parent really hard

It’s ok to cry

It’s ok to hold back the tears

It’s ok to feel joy and excitement for your kids’ next steps

It’s ok that I missed a load of stuff off this list

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