Class of 2019 preschool graduation blackboard

Nursery graduation and such like. Part 2.

Yeah so nursery graduation was today. See part 1.

With graduation came reports. I always find these disconcerting – there a big long lists of things that a child might or might not be able to do. Split into general areas and age-related measures. There are always loads of things that I see at home that aren’t marked off – because they have to do 3 observations and when you’re only in 3 days a week that’s not so easy. I know that so I’m not too hung up about it.

What’s more interesting is the written report and looking at it next to large boy’s from when he left nursery 3 years ago. There are bits – about their love of books and stories, their interest in cars and trains, their ability to communicate well – where they are almost identical. Then there are the differences.

Large boy was reading and counting to 100 when he went to school at 4yrs 8months. Small boy gets stuck at 12 and nursery don’t mention that he knows all his letters and can almost blend 3 letter words.

Large sounds like he had had some guidance controlling his emotions and sharing well. Small is popular and very good at playing nicely, and cooperatively.

There are plenty of other differences. They don’t matter in the least. But what’s lovely is to stand back and see their different characters, tastes and approaches to life.

Bit of self-congratulation here. They’re both lovely young boys. Like any parents we couldn’t be prouder.

And nursery have focussed on all their positives. Never a mention of their obstinacy, food pickiness, or refusal to get messy.

I can’t wait to see what their next steps into school and KS2 will bring!

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