Class of 2019 preschool graduation blackboard

Nursery graduation and such like. Part 1.

So small boy had nursery graduation today. It’s preschool tomorrow but he’s not going – it’s a nursery day and what 4 year old needs to graduate twice?

He’s had a fab time today. He’s been at the same nursery for over 3 years, since he was 8 months old. They’re amazing, I’ve seen a few nurseries and this one is just fantastic. They’ve supported us through thick and thin: celebrated great things, helped the whole family through emergencies, heatlth scares and tragedy.

I didn’t get emotional today about small boy graduating. I won’t be crying when he starts school. But I will cry on his last day of nursery. I will be so sad to be leaving this wonderful team of people. They’re caring, nurturing, gentle, tender, tough when necessary, they see the potential of the children and help them to do the things they love. Large boy was reading before he went to school – because the nursery staff saw that he was ready and would love it. Small boy is an amazing friend and loves making up stories – they help him find opportunities to do what he loves.

Class of 2019 chalkboard

All nurseries should be like ours. If only that were possible. Imagine the happy, thriving, inspired, kind children that would then fill the world.

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