A perfect-ish day?

I’m on tenterhooks here. Something’s got to go wrong. Today is just going too well.

So boy’s were up marginally early and small boy required help with wiping his bum. But I got up at 8am and we had a nice breakfast (apart from large boy getting sent to his room for 5mins for being stroppy). We dealt with homework straight after breakfast as history has taught us any other approach will result in a tantrum. Large boy cheered up enormously after doing his maths (I swear it’s some sort of addiction). Then we started making thank you cards for teachers (I’ll do a proper post about that when they’re done).

They played scalextric and large boy learned how to enter lap times into a spreadsheet. Then swimming, no tears and small boy did a width with just arm bands – only his second lesson so pretty amazing.

Husband did the weekly shop and didn’t forget anything. I’ve tidied the pile of crap in the garage to start getting together outside games for holidays.

We had a decent lunch and then took the boys to the park to build some biking confidence before holiday. Large boy was allowed to go ahead on his own and was really grown up and sensible, he didn’t go too far and was careful of pedestrians. Small boy really improved in only an hour, by the time we left he was setting off on his own.

Since getting home they’ve snacked and played a board game. I’ve got out indoor games, bedding and pool stuff for holiday and ordered snug swimming trunks for large boy as one of the campsites is strict apparently.

Small boy then asked to get the drawing board out in the garden and decided to show me how he can write his name. He’s been refusing to do that for months. He can do it, he just wouldn’t.

Now we’re watching the Tour de France, large boy has coloured in his spreadsheet and understood how the averages work. Small is taking down his birthday cards.

I mean seriously how much good stuff can we cope with in one day? It’s all gonna go wrong right?

Tea time soon, that’ll be the break point I fear. Or bedtime.

Disclaimer: they have also watched about 2 hours of How to train a dragon on Netflix and large boy is playing Minecraft. We were nearly late for swimming because of some sort of traffic conspiracy. Lunch took forever. Husband is dozing on sofa and will doubtless sleep thru tea. It’s not total perfection really.

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