Fancy foamy food

Himself and I went out out last night. Proper out for post dinner in very high heels and a short skirt and him in not trainers and a shirt.

We went for a tasting menu. It was 7 courses plus 3 tiny snacky bits, no wine cos driving.

pre) bread with whipped butter, eel filled golden graham thingy and a rabbit and pigeon pastry

1) pea and asparagus pannacota with pea foam

2) beef with whipped (foamy) potato – rich man’s cottage pie

3) pea and ham consommé (no foam)

4) stonebass with celeriac puree and more foam

5) lamb with more lamb and foam

pause) ginger biscuits filled with chestnut foam

6) prosecco ice lolly – no foam but kinda fizzy

7) rhubarb syrup in which chocolate cup topped with rose foam

Anyone sensing a theme here? If it wasn’t foamy it was whipped. So much air!

Lovely evening, very nice cocktails and gin, but an awful lot of air.

I suppose if you’re eating 7 courses, if there wasn’t any air filling the plate either you’d have full plates and full tummies after 4 courses or very empty plates.

In fairness we were full and the food was amazing, delicious and we could have eaten full sized portions of some of the courses. Definitely tried things we wouldn’t normally have ordered too. But it was very foamy.

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